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We are looking for missionaries to live and serve with us!

Who We Are Looking For

We are in the midst of a season of change. We have folks leaving the community, and we also have had shifts in our housing arrangements. At this time we have room for self supported missionaries who are interested in serving with us for six months or one year. We are looking for strong, committed believers who view themselves as missionaries, and are serious about serving in the inner city. We have room for both single adults, and for two married couples.

Who We Are

We are a Christ-centered community serving in San Diego’s inner city. For over 19 years our goal has been to meet the physical needs of those in our neighborhood, and to build meaningful and lasting relationships that point our neighbors to Christ. Our heart is not to simply preach the gospel with words, but to emulate Jesus’ way of life by loving the least of these. Our belief is that God’s heart is for the poor, and that we can be His hands and feet by helping the most needy.

What We Do

For us, living in community means sharing the most mundane moments of life and the extraordinary ones. We live and work together, and our commitment to each other has to be as strong as our commitment to those we serve. We eat together five days a week, and share our work load. Our community also houses individuals who are in need of much support and care, whether they face mental health issues, drug/alcohol addiction or physical sickness. Our six-day work week is full of food pick-ups and distributions, grocery deliveries, times of prayer and worship, working with neighborhood kids, visiting with our friends on the street, Bible studies, cleaning our property, distributing hygiene and clothing items, and much more. Some days can be very busy and some can have us working until the late evening, however our goal is to find a balance between scheduled times of work and service and leaving room for the Holy Spirit and His prompting, as we often meet people who need immediate assistance.