Worship With A Mission

If you are interested in coming to serve along side with us, for a week, a few months, a year,…..Please e-mail for more information:  jdewitt.core@gmail.com

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Worship With A Mission is a school desiring to train and equip young servants of Christ, to give their lives as a daily sacrifice to Jesus through service to the most needy.

Our mission is to see servant-leaders rise up and learn to serve the poor and forgotten. During their stay at City of Refuge, students will be given hands-on, real life experiences of service and community life. Students will receive teachings from Scripture, books and speakers. They will live together in a community house and work together six days a week.

Our hope is that when students leave they will be changed and ruined for anything less than the Father’s heart. We want students to leave Worship With A Mission with a vision for their life of service and with practical ideas on how to get started serving and living as a missionary in a neighborhood.

Students will be living in the City of Refuge community, which was established 17 years ago. Students will spend time in study and prayer, and for the first several weeks, will serve inside the community. The purpose of this time is to help establish a foundation of trust, self-sacrificing and hard work. Leaders will also be able to pass along the values of our community and the importance of serving in a spirit of love and thanksgiving.

After the first weeks, students will slowly join in with the community’s activities. This includes, but is not limited to: delivering groceries to needy families, giving lunches to homeless 5 days a week, working with neighborhood kids, food lines at public schools and apartment buildings, food pick-ups, visiting homeless on the streets, furniture donation pick-ups and drop-offs, food line and Bible study at low-income hotel, weekly worship gatherings.

While staying busy with serving, students will also need to read required books and come ready to talk about them on a weekly visit. Students are required to keep a journal of their time, and turn in monthly journal recaps to leaders. Students are responsible for cleaning and caring for their house, and need to make sure the house is ready to be used at any moment for guests or spontaneous meetings.



At City of Refuge, I was able to join a community of people who want to love like Jesus loves. We not only lived together, but also served together. We loved those around us by serving food, giving out clothes, and hanging out with the homeless. We also loved on and served the kids in our neighborhood through Kid’s Club. City of Refuge builds community by loving those around us. That love is how we show people how much Christ loves them. I learned what it means to build relationships, be a servant, and give more than I think I have.
-Hannah from Florida           August 2010-August 2011



I crossed the world to go to the mission school at the City of Refuge San Diego. I didn’t know much about these guys, so the whole thing was an adventure and a big step in faith. I went even though I didn’t have enough money. I knew God wanted me there, so I obeyed.
I’m not a special blessed person, just a child of God trying to learn how to walk.

I learned not just how to walk in Christ and about serving others and how to minister. I learned the most valuable life-giving thing: Love. How to accept love, how to give love correctly and how to trust and love my Creator and best Friend the best way.
Suddenly I was able to love strangers with my whole heart. I didn’t even know their name but I loved them. I realized that I can change somebody’s day with a simple smile.
To give love to others every day is what City of Refuge is about.

Jesus came for the lost, the broken and the needy. I am all of that. And so are the people in San Diego that the City of Refuge is serving.
I got over a lot of my past problems just by being there. Just by living life with these awesome, strange and beautiful group of people. I found a family and love every member of it.

It wasn’t always easy but I was never alone. God is my best Friend and I was surrounded by people that loved me even when they really got to know me.

The year changed my life. I will never be the same again. And that is what I hoped for when I left. God took my ashes and gave me things and opportunities I never even dreamed of. I never thought I would be able to do the things I did.
I miss life there a lot. But now I need to find ways to live in love like they do, but here.

The mission school is real love life.

– Conny from Germany              August 2010-August 2011