Visiting Teams

Are you a youth pastor? A small group leader? Are you a family looking for a new way to spend your summer vacation? Or a group of friends who want to spend spring break serving?

City of Refuge is the place for you!!!

Every year we host teams from all over the world. Groups stay with us for just a few days or up to 6 weeks.

Teams live with us during their stay, and jump right into our community’s daily service and work. Every morning we meet together to pray, worship and reflect on what the Lord is speaking to us through our service to the poor. Teams will help us serve on 4 food distribution lines during their week, they will deliver groceries to elderly and shut-ins and will serve breakfast and lunch to approximately 100 homeless individuals on a daily basis. Teams will also have fun participating in our weekly “Kid’s Club”, when neighborhood kids come over to hang out, watch movies, eat snacks and then go to our warehouse to learn about Jesus through music, stories, crafts and activities. Teams will join in with us on our Thursday night visits to our friends on the streets. We bring coffee, snacks and fellowship to the homeless. We eat lunch and dinner together with the team and the community’s members. And our Saturdays we have worship, prayer and fellowship with about 200 families.

We also allow teams to join in what we call the simple ministry of presence. This means we allow for the Holy Spirit and for people’s needs to shape what our days look like. We do have scheduled times of fellowship and service, but we do want our daily lives to unfold in harmony with what our neighbors need and what the Holy Spirit desires. This means not every week or every day will look the same. Every team or group will have a unique and individual experience; in our community, no two days look alike.

Here are some of the weeks that are already booked for this coming year:

June 9-15

June 23-29

July 21-August 1

August 3-8

August 12-15

If you would like to come, please contact us. We will need to make sure that the dates work for us and that we can adequately accommodate your group.