“…no one who runs to Him loses out.” Psalm 34:22

On Monday afternoons we give food away at an apartment building a few blocks from our community.
We have been blessed to be touching the folks there for a long while. We used to deliver groceries to several of them, but the Lord opened the door for us to have a weekly food distribution in the courtyard. We have built a great relationship with the manager, and many of the kids who live in the building attend our weekly Kids’ Club.
“..no one who runs to Him loses out.” Psalm 34:2211224547_10155978108360523_6622363214218967033_o



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Crayons, pizza, love, and lots of little ones….

Another summer, getting ready for about 40 kids to come for the month of July… Time to get new crayons(the old ones are small and worn), saving lots of cereal boxes, planning crafts, songs, games….

Every year we offer Kid’s Camp free of charge for their families… We serve them breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks Monday through Friday along with crafts, games, sports, art, scripture, coloring, playing, and so much more… We have a great team of volunteers who make it happen, and who love on the kids and take care of them.

If anyone would like to help sponsor an activity, a craft, or a meal…. For example, you could sponsor a Pizza Party, which would be about 15 pizzas or so, for $75…. Or someone could buy a couple brand new boxes of crayons…. Or $40 for the supplies for a really great craft….. Or you could help us stock up on a bunch of water balloons… Or a big trip to the movies :)

If you’re interested in sponsoring, please contact Heather Wilson at dhrljwilson@cox.net

Thank you so much!

And thank you to all those who have already volunteered and those who have given to our Kid’s Camps,….. you have truly blessed these kids!!


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Last Year’s Kid’s Camp Video…

For more videos click here

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Getting Ready for Kid’s Camp!

10407217_10154375102370523_7220622864927418372_nPlease be in prayer for our upcoming Summer Kid’s Camp…. Pray for the kids hearts, our leaders, volunteers, for supplies needed, donations….

Every year we pray the kids and their families continue to have their lives touched and changed by the love of Jesus….

More details coming soon…..

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Pictures from Christmas Blessing 2014

Here are some photos from our 15th Annual Christmas Blessing!! So many people gave of their time, talent, money, hard work, donations, hugs and lots of LOVE!! We were able to bless so many children with gifts, and their families with groceries, clothes, etc… Again, thank you to all who gave and volunteered!

Can’t wait for this year’s blessing!!! Only 8 more months!!


Journey sharing scripture


Each gift was labeled with the child’s name

IMG_6743 IMG_6763 IMG_6802 IMG_6806 IMG_6785 IMG_6752 IMG_6677 IMG_6670 IMG_6654 IMG_6639 IMG_6644 IMG_6651 IMG_6645 IMG_6607 IMG_6625 IMG_6627 IMG_6629 IMG_6641 IMG_6638

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Starting Recuperative Care

Since August of last year we have been working with UCSD Medical Center to become a Recuperative Care site. We will be housing Homeless men who have had surgery and need a place to recuperate and not be on the street, which causes them to end up back in the hospital. They will be with us from 2 weeks to 3 months, giving us opportunity to minister and care for them, build relationships and help connect them with permanent housing. We were approved on Friday and have recently done assessments of two patients. One is now living here with us.

We want to continue to care for those who are in need…

Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward following God’s leading.


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Location of Our 15th Annual Christmas Blessing

Our 15th Annual Christmas Blessing is coming up this Saturday!!!

Everybody is busy wrapping presents tonight, and getting things ready!

For those of you who are coming to help and serve along with us:

The Christmas Blessing will be held at our Warehouse at:

2452 Market St. San Diego, CA 92102

It is located in the Alley behind the Jack in the Box on Market and 24th St.

Please park on the surrounding streets.

We are looking forward to serving with you on Saturday!!

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Christmas Blessing Info Updated

The Christmas Blessing will be held at the City of Refuge Warehouse on December 20th.

Click on the Christmas Blessing link in the menu for more details….

If you would like to give presents, help out with wrapping or participate at the give-away, please contact us for more information. Monetary donations are also accepted.

E-mail us at: dhrljwilson@cox.net


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Getting Ready for our 15th Christmas Blessing!

We are starting to get things prepared for our 15th Annual Christmas Blessing!

Praying for provision of gifts, supplies and finances to give almost 1,000 children Christmas gifts this year!

You can click on Christmas Blessing in the menu for more info,…

We will have the Christmas Blessings details updated soon…..IMG_0770photo-15

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A short documentary “Remember The Poor: Clara’s Story”

This is a short documentary about a family we have served for years.It is a great portrayal of what poverty in America looks like.

Thanks to Luke Wilson who did an incredible job capturing this story.

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