Community life, how do we get there?

“The Christian community is not driven together but drawn together.  By leaving the ordinary and proper places and responding to the call to “Follow Him”, people with very different backgrounds discover each other as fellow travelers brought together in common discipleship.” -Henri J.M. Neuwen

Cause Creates Community

“The disciples are called to focus on others. It is this cause that creates the “must-ness”of the cause~ Cause Creates Community~ Jesus doesn’t make being in community the mission. Neither does He promise amazing benefits to the disciples if they follow Him. He envisions a better future and MUST give His life to the mission. He calls His followers of both the first and twenty-first centuries to give their lives with Him to something greater than themselves. When any person hears Jesus’ call and recognizes the beauty of what Jesus is doing, he will run with red-hot passion and join swords with anyone and everyone who hearsas he hears.” – Alex McManus

Some of the brothers, Cali, Andrew, Lawrence, Joel, and Phoenix, who live in the houses....

Our friends cooking a great dinner for us!

Some of us who live here together in community

Guys hanging out together