Boiler Room

24-7 Boiler Room

It’s about prayer, mission and justice.

It’s about marrying intimacy with God

and involvement in His world.

The Purposes, Principles & Practices of a Boiler Room

A 24-7 Boiler Room is a simple Christian community that practices a daily rhythm of prayer, study and celebration while caring actively for the poor and the lost.

This Boiler Room is open 24-7 for people to come and pray.

The Two Purposes: a 24-7 Boiler Room exists to love God in prayer and to love its neighbours in practice.  These purposes are contextualised in  community and expressed in a defined location.The Three Principles: at the heart of every Boiler Room is a living community committed to being…boiler room 21. Authentic: True to Christ 

2. Relational: Kind to People

3. Missional: Gospel to the World

“24-7 prayer rooms exist to transform the world through a movement of Christ-centered and mission-minded prayer.” Malaga Roundtable 2002

It is located at the City of Refuge community, 565 21st Street, San Diego, 92102.