Stories Of A Student

Recuperative Care House

We opened our Recuperative Care house 2 years ago this past March. We have been able to be a refuge for over 100 men whose home is the streets. These men are coming out of the hospital and need time to recuperate before moving on. The Hospitals call for placement. They stay with us days and some months. We have been able to get some in housing, some go home to their families. And sad some go back to what they know on the streets. God has healed some and some have accepted Jesus as their Savior. One brother, after receiving Jesus and being baptized, went home to heaven.

We have had 5 new guys that have come in to stay with us these past few weeks. Here is one of the guys that have stayed with us who would like you to know of them and pray for them….

This is William. He is 22 and has brain cancer. He had 90% surgically removed and is waiting on a treatment plan for the other 10%….

Thank you for your prayers….