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Community of Worshipers

Community of Worshipers started several years ago, springing from a heart that desired to worship with believers despite denominations. In 2010 we worshiped with different groups across San Diego county.
In the fall of 2013, we held a series of worship nights that we recorded. Each group worshipped with their original songs. Our vision is to share original music from worship groups in San Diego.

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This album is a collection of original songs from worshipers in San Diego. Community of Worshipers held a series of acoustic nights of worship that were recorded live at Lower Warehouse Recording (located at City of Refuge’s warehouse) in downtown San Diego. Each night a different group of worshipers led, shared their songs and the inspiration for the songs. Each group is unique and has their own sound; some groups contain a full band, while others are just one acoustic guitar and cajon.

The heart of the album is to capture the essence of fellowship and corporate worship. All the songs were done live, in one take, with no over-dubs.
This collection contains two songs from each group.
This album was created entirely for free.

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Community of Worshipers’ prayer is that every person who hears this album and sees the corresponding video testimonies of the worship leaders will be touched by the love of Jesus and by our Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

Keep checking back to our YouTube channel to see the live, in-studio nights of worship and the video testimonies of the stories behind the songs. Click on this link