Stories Of A Student

Unseen Leader

This last week I was in the car driving to help pick-up donations from Target, and we drove passed a little old woman that we see often. She has been on the streets for years. We often give her food when we see her and invite her to our food lines or worship gatherings. It always breaks my heart when I see her and I know it wounds the Lord deeper than me.

As we came toward her, I saw a woman from a nearby house come out and bring her a sandwich and sit to talk with her on the side of the road. It was such a blessing to see that we are not the only people who are kind to her. That God uses so many people everywhere and anytime to do His will. We are a part of an amazingly strong and large body of Christ. It gave me such comfort to know that I follow an unseen Leader who sees everything and brings each of His followers to the right places at the right times.

-Genevieve, New Zealand, WWAM Student