Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Love of Jesus

On Sunday we went to Mexico to visit a church and bring the kids toys and clothes. We ran into some trouble crossing the border which delayed our arrival time by a few hours, but the people still waited for us at the church.

As soon as we got there we immediately started playing with the kids. At first it was hard because I do not speak Spanish, but the love of Jesus transcends all languages.

After we finished playing we went up behind the church to the pastor’s house, where you could look down the hill and see the houses. After seeing how little the people had it really made me thankful for everything I have. It encouraged me to see how these people still love God and are thankful for every little thing they have.

-Elli, WWAM Student, Germany

Instead Of Saying Thank You

In my time here I’ve learned many things while passing out food. While we are passing out food at schools I’ve noticed that some people complain about the quality/quantity of food that we are giving out. Some of the things we usually hear are “people are always cutting in line” or “you guys need to be more organized”  the more this happens the more it makes me realize how often as Christians we do the same thing to God. Instead of saying thank-you for all God gives us we complain about the things we don’t have. I know for me personally I get so caught up in what I don’t have and what I feel like God isn’t providing for me that I don’t give Him praise for all that He is doing in my life. We serve an amazing Savior who never leaves us or forsakes us and we should never forget that no matter what is going on in our life.

– Savannah W.W.A.M Student (Florida)

Relationship Not Duty

God has really been rocking my socks and blessing me a lot. I have been experiencing the Holy Spirit like never before. I experience Him most when I am in quiet prayer or communal worship or prayer. The best feeling in the world is God’s touch. I want to fully know through experience what it means to walk in the Spirit while going about various physical tasks.

This may sound weird but I think sometimes my mindset to help others actually hinders my ability to help. If I am focused on someone else and how I can best help them, I can only help them the best I can. But if I focus on Jesus and stay in the Spirit, I will most likely be acting like God wants me to act naturally. It’s about a relationship not duty anyway. Here’s to walking with the best friend in the universe.

-Lawrence, WWAM student

Unseen Leader

This last week I was in the car driving to help pick-up donations from Target, and we drove passed a little old woman that we see often. She has been on the streets for years. We often give her food when we see her and invite her to our food lines or worship gatherings. It always breaks my heart when I see her and I know it wounds the Lord deeper than me.

As we came toward her, I saw a woman from a nearby house come out and bring her a sandwich and sit to talk with her on the side of the road. It was such a blessing to see that we are not the only people who are kind to her. That God uses so many people everywhere and anytime to do His will. We are a part of an amazingly strong and large body of Christ. It gave me such comfort to know that I follow an unseen Leader who sees everything and brings each of His followers to the right places at the right times.

-Genevieve, New Zealand, WWAM Student