Stories Of A Student

The Privilege it is to Serve

We just had a full week with 8 college students from Bryan College. It was interesting to see their reactions to all that we do and all who we serve. I was very encouraged to see how united and joyful they approached each task. I was filled with a new thanksgiving about where I am and the privilege it is to serve here.

God has been giving me more and more peace as each day goes by. Not the type of peace that makes one complacent, but that kind of peace that leaves me free to love boldly for Jesus’ kingdom.

I was also very encouraged to see one of the college team members disciplined in writing in his journal. He would write about 3 pages a night, regardless of all the commotion around him. He said it helped him to keep his thoughts organized. I plan to do the same, so next time I write it should be better.