Stories Of A Student

A Girl Called Priscilla

A couple of weeks ago was the first time I went to a parking lot where City of Refuge has been serving which lets families stay in their cars overnight when they have no where else to go. We bring them food and spend time with them on Thursday nights, there I met        a girl called Priscilla who lives in a small car with her mom, and every time since that I have gone we play checkers with her plastic travel kit. and every single game she beats me, without fail. And it’s not like I go easy on her I get pretty competitive but I have still yet to have a victory over this 12 year old girl. She’s simply a checkers genius! I love that about her and I love that we are able to sit on the concrete under the street lights and play a board game, its an experience that I will never ever forget and has truly touched my heart, God uses me and grows me simultaneous in those moments and it’s beyond amazing.

– Genevieve WWAM Student (New Zealand)