Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gods Joy In Me

God showed me that it’s not the circumstances that make me a christian or make me happy, it is the decision to be happy. Because the joy of the of the Lord is my strength. I am thankful for the people that God has put in my way when we distribute the food at the school or at the worship time on Saturdays. I pray that all these people feel                   Gods joy in me.

Elli WWAM Student (Germany)


Faith Like a Child

Every week we have a chance to work with the kids from the neighborhood and every week I’m amazed at the way the kids want to know more about Jesus. The Bible tells us to have faith like a child. I’ve always wondered what that means and now I know. It means believing with all your heart, trusting in God and God alone to fulfill your needs. It means not letting questions of “why?” and “how?” flood your mind but just accepting what the Bible tells us and loving Jesus with everything we have.

-Savannah WWAM Student (Florida)

The Whole Atmosphere Changed

Last Saturday’s worship at the Warehouse was powerful. That morning I had felt very heavy-hearted for no apparent reason to myself. I started pondering the reality of hell and trusting God that many, many people will end up there; this caused a heartache that I know had no comparison to Jesus’ pain at those who refuse His love. I felt this heaviness all the way through the morning worship. But when David started praying and he rebuked the work of the devil and then we prayed for Jesus to take our burdens away.The Holy Spirit was moving and the whole atmosphere changed. A lot of people asked for prayer and a few even asked Jesus to be their Savior. Jesus showed me that although many will be lost I should maintain hope because He still has much work to be done.

– Lawrence WWAM Student (San Diego)

Even in the Smallest Things

Since being at City of Refuge I have learnt a lot of things, more than I thought I would in this short space of time. I’ve learnt the importance of meeting people where they are at, whether it’s through learning their lives or just learning a few words of their language. I’ve learnt how simple acts can hugely impact someone who is hungry for kindness, and most beautifully I’ve learnt how God is the one who does these things through you. He calls us to show love to all people and even in the smallest things God’s love moves, it’s amazing to be a link in this movement and to be with a group of people who have made it their lives to pass on his love, I only hope I can continue to soak it all in.

Genevieve WWAM Student (New Zealand)