Thank You

Another year has come and gone, celebrating our 15th year in 2011, and the priviledge to live out our faith remains. With each year that passes, we see our Father do miraculous things. We see these things in everyday life serving the poor and needy in our city. Matthew 25 says “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” Living out our faith this way, is not only a privilege, it is a miracle.

It is a joy to watch the miracles, like when one of the homeless eating at our breakfast table says to me, “Mr., Mr.,..Did you organize all this or did God have something to do with it?”, or when a hard working family receives groceries and says, ” You need to know, that the food we receive, some way some how, we make it through the week.” Or when one of the moms who comes to get clothes, brings them back when her kids have outgrown them for someone else to have for their children. Or when a mom comes for size 4 diapers, and God had given us that size just that morning. Or when we bring some of the seniors over for dinner and they say they love it with us because we are family,  and us knowing that touching someone in their loneliness is a big deal! Or someone needing to move out of their apt. who doesn’t have a car, we get the privilege to move them, or when a family just coming out of a shelter moves into their new home, not having anything, we have the privilege to give them furniture and blankets. Or giving someone, living in a downtown hotel, some food and they say, “The 2 times a week I see you guys, sometimes it’s the only time I get to eat.”

There are so many miracles, so many stories, too many to tell. We want you to know that we would not be able to be here or do what we do without your prayers, support and donations. So thank you for being a part of the miracles and sharing in these stories.

Blessings to you and Thank You…..